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IMK Ltd. is an owner-managed company with around 25 employees which fosters long-standing relationships within the ever more complex Swiss healthcare sector.

As an intermediary between doctors, patients and the industry, we promote mutual exchange – with passion and style.


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  1. SGI Symposium

    Location: Virtuelle Durchführung | Virtual implementation | Exécution virtuelle

    Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Intensivmedizin

  2. SNS Academy

    Location: Virtuelle Durchführung | Virtual implementation | Exécution virtuelle

    9th Module

    Swiss Neurological Society

  3. Stroke Summer School

    Location: Universitätsspital Basel, Institut für Pathologie

    Schweizerische Hirnschlaggesellschaft

  4. SFCNS Summer School

    Location: Inselspital, Bern

    Swiss Federation of Clinical Neuro-Societies

  5. SOG Jahreskongress

    Location: Olma Messen, St. Gallen

    Schweizerische Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft

25 / Mar 2021
SSORL Spring Assembly 2021

The SSORL Spring Assembly 2021 will now be held virtually on June 17 and 18.

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26 / Feb 2021
I will be getting vaccinated.

Franziska von Arx, a certified expert in intensive care and president of the SSICM which is served by IMK Ltd., wants to get vaccinated to set a good example to her staff and family, and play her part in containing the pandemic.

Find out more at or call 058 377 88 92, and decide for yourself.

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