IMK Ltd. offers professional services in all strategic and operational matters to both national and international medical associations. As an independent institution, we can offer you advice on organisational matters and healthcare policy, and benefit your organisation with our wide-reaching experience and extensive network connected to the Swiss healthcare sector.

Let us look after the day-to-day administration of your organisation to relieve your President and board members from these duties, so that they can focus on the core issues surrounding patients, healthcare and quality assurance.

Our services

Board duties

  • Relief from board and committee duties in all kinds of areas
  • Planning, support and follow-up of meetings, AGMs and delegate meetings
  • Coaching and advising the President when he/she takes office and during the presidency


  • Advising of office holders in activities relating to professional policy
  • Advice regarding the strategic direction of your organisation
  • Further development of internal organisational structures in cooperation with the board; improvement of efficiency and communication
  • Drafting, support and follow-up of meetings

Partnerships and cooperation

  • Building of selected and longer-term partnerships within the healthcare sector
  • Organisation of cooperation within your organisation: between committees, working groups and other bodies

Project management

  • Planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of existing, new and future projects

Communication & public relations


  • Building and harnessing an internal communication policy
  • Coordinating and ensuring an efficient internal information flow
  • Drafting and publishing external statements
  • Developing and implementing visibility campaigns



  • Processing of membership applications and enquiries
  • Building and maintaining a central member database
  • Online surveys and voting for members

Continuing medical education and professional development

  • Close cooperation with the continuing medical education and professional development committee
  • Management of various further training platforms
  • Cooperation with the Swiss Institute for Postgraduate and Further Education in Medicine (SIWF)

Research prizes and bursaries

  • Planning, tendering and advertising
  • Coordination of submitted works
  • Support for the prize jury

Our references

Professional Associations in Switzerland

Swiss Society of Intensive Care Medicine (SSICM)
since 2001 – 1550 members

Swiss Society of Neurosurgery (SSNS)
since 2005 – 250 members                 

Swiss Neurological Society (SNS)
since 2011 – 700 members            

Swiss Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery (SSORL)
since 2013 – 700 members                                

Swiss Society of Ophthalmology (SSO)
since 2017 – 1050 members

Other Associations

Swiss Society of Neuroradiology (SSNR)
since 2010 – 180 members            

Swiss Society for Pulmonary Hypertension (SSPH)
since 1998 – 90 members     

Swiss Headache Society (SHS)
since 1995 – 150 members             

Swiss Federation of Clinical Neuro-Societies (SFCNS)
since 2009 – 13 Swiss medical associations – 2000 members

The continuing professional development and implementation of professional policies we have seen in our association would not have been possible without the dedicated and competent support of IMK Ltd.

— Prof. em. Dr. med. Antonios Valavanis, Zürich
President SSNR (2001 - 2010)

Since taking on this role, IMK Ltd. has shown perfect organisation of the administrative tasks. 

— Prof. Dr. med. David Goldblum, Olten
President of the Scientific Commission SSO (2016-2020)

With professional, prudent backing from IMK Ltd., we can run a voluntary committee of a larger specialist society. This allows us to focus on concepts and develop strategies.

— Prof. Dr. med. Oliver N. Hausmann, Lucerne
President SSNC (2016 - 2018)

Hats off to the high level of professionalism of Harald Grossmann’s team. As President of the Swiss Society of Neurology, I have benefited from the extensive network of IMK Ltd., which has significantly helped my interactions with colleagues I didn’t previously know. Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of IMK Ltd.!

— Prof. Dr. med. Renaud Du Pasquier, Lausanne
President SSN (2014-2016)

The Swiss Society of Ophthalmology (SSO) was faced with the major and difficult challenge of having to renew its entire administrative secretariat. After an extremely challenging time, IMK Ltd. came to our aid as a complete, one-stop solution.

— Dr. med. Gian Luca Pedroli, Mendrisio
President SSO (2015-2019)

IMK Ltd. nurtures valuable relationships and has an extensive network within the ever more complex Swiss healthcare sector. Thanks to the partnerships that we develop from this, our events and our professional association are always financially secure.

— Prof. Dr. med. Luca Remonda, Aarau
President SFCNS

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